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Charis Social Care

Empowering individuals for independent living and social stability

Charis Social Care

About Us

Welcome to Charis Social Care:

Empowering Lives, Enriching Communities

Established in 2018, Charis Social Care is a beacon of compassion and support, dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals regardless of their circumstances. Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower individuals to embrace a life of fulfillment and quality, all within a caring, safe, and welcoming environment.

Our Vision: Leading the Way in Compassionate Care

At Charis Social Care, our vision transcends boundaries. We aspire to stand at the forefront of providing temporary accommodations and placements for those who find themselves socially displaced. Drawing from our collective experience in the NHS and various private health sectors, we’ve recognized an unmet need within the market. This need goes beyond providing shelter; it’s about restoring dignity, easing the burden on hospitals, and alleviating the strain on councils caused by the lack of suitable accommodations.

Charis Social Care

A Team of Experts: Bridging the Gap

Our journey began with a team of dedicated experts who have traversed the healthcare landscape in diverse capacities. Comprising seasoned nurses, compassionate social workers, and a myriad of healthcare professionals, we united under the banner of Charis Social Care. With firsthand experience, we’ve witnessed the challenges that patients face when transitioning from hospitals to homes. This understanding fuels our commitment to creating a seamless bridge, ensuring that every individual we serve steps into a haven of care and understanding.


Our Commitment to Excellence: Tailoring Care to Unique Needs

Quality is our cornerstone, and safe service delivery is our pledge. At Charis, we’re not content with mediocrity; we’re driven by a passion for excellence. Every service we offer is underpinned by meticulous attention to detail, a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, and a constant dialogue with our clients and their patients.

Feedback is not just welcomed—it’s celebrated. We recognize that the healthcare system is dynamic, and we remain agile to its ever-changing rhythms. Our commitment to improvement and growth ensures that the care we provide evolves in tandem with the needs of those we serve.

Charis Social Care
Charis Social Care

Empowerment in Every Corner: A Holistic Approach

In the heart of Charis Social Care lies an unyielding belief in the uniqueness of every individual. We understand that backgrounds, aspirations, and challenges differ, which is why our services are designed to be inclusive and customizable. Cultural, social, and economic nuances are woven into our care, ensuring that each person’s journey towards empowerment is distinctly their own.

Join Us on the Journey: Partnering for Positive Change

Charis Social Care isn’t just a service; it’s a movement—a movement towards compassion, understanding, and positive change. We invite you to join us on this journey, whether as a client seeking our trusted services or as a collaborator who shares our passion for reshaping the landscape of social care.

Welcome to Charis Social Care, where lives are empowered, communities are enriched, and every step forward is a step towards a brighter future.

Our Staff

Our aim at Charis social care is to support and empower individuals to live fulfilling, quality, and independent life as much as possible irrespective their complex needs and challenges.  All our staff undergo stringent recruitment tests and checks to ensure highest level of services to patients in line with the care needs. All our staff are adequately and appropriately trained in rendering high standard services tailored to individual needs in respective and dignified manner.  Our recruitment process is robust, and our staff are checked through the Criminal Records Bureau (DBS) to ensure they meet Care Quality Commission and various trust standards.

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